The following is a work of fiction.

Not Nick Nolte's Diary, Malibu, California
June 4, 2006


A postcard came today from the Ishii's; it seems they have made their way back to Japan. Kazuhisa signed a contract to play for the Swallows of Yakult and he states that he is most happy with the decision except he notes that the Central Divison is a harsh mistress and I for one can't argue. It might be a different land over there but baseball is still baseball. He went on to note that the decision had a "seprate fork" his words not mine, anyway his wife needed to be closer to her uncle's business, they are the leading importer of Japanese unmentionables, and so the post card ends. In the post script it states that the little ones miss my newspapers. God bless the Ishii clan and may the Swallows gobble up the competition like a clipped mayfly. Til we meet again Diary.

[signed] Nick

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