The following is a work of fiction.

Not Nick Nolte's Diary, Malibu, California
April 4, 2005


It was one of those days Diary. You can tell when I use phrases like, "one of those days," that it was a real mess. I was stuck in traffic and the lady behind me kept individually plucking her grey hairs out at the red lights. It was an unerving routine that I had to put up with for several miles. Luckily she exited on Robertson. I eventually got to Vitamin Time (yes I have changed suppliers, it deserves another entry) and the two hippies behind the counter looked as though they had been hitting the sweet leaf all afternoon. They managed to screw up my order and then proceeded to take a half hour getting it right. They threw in some CoQ10 gels as an apology. (I know, don't get me started) Luckily on my return I hit a trade wind and was home in no time. Why I run these errands myself has become the question, please find the answer Diary.

[signed] Nick

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