The following is a work of fiction.

Not Nick Nolte's Diary, Malibu, California
March 11, 2005


My God, Diary, is the L.A. Marathon really this weekend? I had Manolo put in a call to that fellow I've work with before at the DPW. It's not too late give it the old college try. I began the morning with a trip down to the New Balance store on Wilshire. I thought about stopping by Jamaba Juice, as I was quite thirsty, but that place is a joke. Believe me, I've been patient. They have nothing "under the counter" and the last clerk I mentioned "uppers" to said 42 ounces was the largest size. Anyway, I slipped into a glorious pair of 766's and drove home to hit the treadmill. An hour later, the fine mesh of my sneaks was doing a better job of breathing that I was, diary. These make my old Saucony's look like those fashionable eskimo boots the ladies are wearing these days. As I recovered, Manolo quite diplomatically told me a Palm Springs 5/10k is a month and a bit away. For once that little bronzed god may be right. I am not marathon material.

[signed] Nick

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