The following is a work of fiction.

Not Nick Nolte's Diary, Malibu, California
January 25, 2005


Since nothing has been stirring on the grounds lately, I figured I'd try my luck elsewhere. After all, nature isn't going to take pictures of itself. You can never tell what is going to be happening at Griffith Park. Maybe that is why I like to disappear under its canopy. It took awhile to get deep enough into the park to be secluded, so I got anxious and snapped a few photos of a hispanic family eating sandwiches. One of the children waved as I drove by, I am thinking that will be a keeper. After a wrong turn and a road closing, I gave up on my expedition, the Park was as sleepy as Malibu. I should've known. Spring come soon, but please come gently.

[signed] Nick

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