The following is a work of fiction.

Not Nick Nolte's Diary, Malibu, California
November 19, 2004


I found myself at the doctor's office today. He is a good enough man, but I can't stand the place. As soon as my ass hits the butcher paper I think to myself, "The jig is up." I will say that there are two types of doctor's offices; one that plays their own music and one that merely pumps in presorted noise. No need to connect the dots here, Doc Grossjean runs a solid operation. I was hoping the visit would be routine, check the oil and get back on the road, but twas not the case. Seems I need to get more Iron in my diet. Can't wait for the "I told you so" from Monolo. On a brighter note, J. Riley invited me to poker this weekend. Some just say that the shoe fits, but I say it fits too well. Out of room for today...

[signed] Nick

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