The following is a work of fiction.

Not Nick Nolte's Diary, Malibu, California
September 21, 2004


Diary please tell me I did well, because at my age I just don't know. My second date with Constance was yesterday and everything was a vivid and hot blur. I called my pal Chris Walken for some sailing tips but he wasn't home, so I was left to manage for myself. I had Monolo alert the boys at the marina so they could prepare 'Silver Viking' for her first voyage since '89. Well, we set sail and my date looked beautiful. My sailing skills returned to me without incident. Then the klutz that is Nick took over. I spilled some fondue on my white pants and howled. Suddenly Constance laughed, and oh did she ever laugh diary. But it was not pointed, it was an angel's laugh. It burned into my memory. It filled my soul like summer wine. We ended up sleeping on the boat and when the ocean settled itself I could hear her laugh return to me. I think I am happy diary, but at my age well, you never know. I am off to the florist.

[signed] Nick

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